Book Tropes That Need To Go Bye-Bye


Book tropes, the things that happen in books over and over and over again. They are the cliches most everyone is getting sick of. As much as I adored Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I feel like those books are one of the reason for many of these tropes simply because the books were such a phenomenon several years back.

Here are a select few of my most annoyed book tropes that need to disappear from books.

  1. Love Triangles: I still haven’t figured this one out yet. There are only a few good and realistic love triangles in books. One of them being Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini. If you’ve read the story, you’d know why there is a love triangle in the story. It fits. But more than half the time, the love triangle is there to add unnecessary drama and to take away from the plot of the story (in my humble opinion). By the end of the last book, the main character always seems to go back to the first love interest, that’s why, to me, they are so pointless
  2. Insta-love: Oh Insta-love, how I love thy *cough* not *cough*. Okay, but seriously, I don’t understand why this is a thing? It’s like authors want their to be romance in the books so much that they force it or they love the male love interest so much, they want there to be romance right from the start. Bur no, no, no. Please stop. Insta-love is just lust and maybe 1 out of 1,000 does it ever turn into real love. To me, insta-love is just a rebound relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere. Stop with this whole “as soon as they walked into the room, I felt the air between us change, changed into something more. I know they felt it too…” nonsense. 
  3. Family Death Turns Into Action: I’ve been seeing this one more and more in lately in the contemporary books. It’s usually the whole “someone in my family died and i’m depressed until I met so and so”. I’ve also seen the whole “someone in my family died and now I’m out for revenge”. I know people die in real life, but I feel like this idea is becoming over written. Almost every single book I pick up anymore, the synopsis mentions something about a family of the main character passing away. 
  4. Small Boobs: This one really bothers me. It seems like every book I read, the character has small boobs and that makes her very unattractive. Just, why? That’s such a bad thing to tell readers. “Sorry, your boobs are too small, no one is every going to find you attractive”. Everyone is beautiful. We need to stop body shaming. 
  5. Unpretty Girl Moves Schools Now All The Hot Guys Like Her: This one also really bothers me. It seems to have become a big thing where a character is a described as average and not very pretty but moves schools to “save the world” and at this new school (usually a small town school where no one is ever new) all the super attractive preppy males find the not so pretty girl to be gorgeous and want to be her boyfriend. This also seems to be when love triangles form. 
  6. The Miscommunication Equals Bad Feels: I think this one might the one I hate the most, even more than love triangles. Something happens between two characters and instead of TALKING IT OUT they BREAK UP. Or the character, usually female, sees her boyfriend talking to someone else and she has all these thoughts about how he’s not interested in her anymore, he’s cheating, or whatever. Or he does something to help and she gets all pissed off about it for several chapters. I seriously hate miscommunication between characters. Ugh
  7. Happy Endings To Every Book In A Trilogy/Series: This one usually makes me question as to why there is going to be a second book or a third. Everything seems to be wrapped up in the first book. Sure there are some unanswered questions, but the story ended on such a happy note that I find it utterly pointless to have a whole series. Colleen Houck did a wonderful job with having a depressing ending to her Tiger Curse saga. It made me want to read the next book to see if the characters would ever get a happy ending. 

I’m sure I’ll start disliking more tropes, the more I read but for now, this was all I could think of. What about you? What are some of your least favorite tropes or cliches?

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