How I Choose My Next Read

The process of choosing your next read is different for everyone. Some people want to read only fantasy one month then only contemporary the next month. Some people want to have every month themed such as “spooky October”, “Stephen King November”. Other people, like me, are mood readers.

I give mad props to those who have a monthly TBR. I’ve tried it multiple times and I just can’t seem to stay in the mood to read any of the books on my TBR. Recently I’ve been in the mood to read fantasy all. the. time. I don’t think I’ve read a contemporary (and enjoyed it) in a few months due to constantly wanting fantasy. Then of course, there are periods of time when I only want to read contemporary novels that have nothing to do with fantasy.

So, I try to determine what my mood is. Do I want to escape in a made-up world with imaginary characters? Do I want to read a fluffy, cute love story? Or do I want to read a book that’s going to make me feel something- a book that destroys me soul and opens my eyes?

After I figure out my book mood, I try to look at my book shelves (and sometimes my library app) and read the synopsis’s to see what book I’m truly in the mood for. Sometimes I don’t find any book that sounds interesting, even when I’m in a reading mood so I decide not to read. Because what’s the point of reading if you know you’re not going to enjoy the book because you’re not in the mood to read it? That’s not far to that poor book. (:

How about you? Are you a mood reader? Do you like the organization of TBRs? Or are you one of those creative readers that have a theme for every month?


3 thoughts on “How I Choose My Next Read”

  1. I usually set myself a monthly TBR, but very rarely do I stick with it 100%. I just like giving myself an idea of what I want to read or what I hope to read. 🙂


    1. I do enjoy occasionally making a TBR, but usually just use it has a reference. For example, I made a TBR pile for October for semi creepy or dark novels but might not read them. Just as a reference to wanting to read dark creepy novels if that makes sense haha.

      Thanks for the comment 😀

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