A Court of Mist and Fury | Discussion

Disclaimer, this post is full of spoilers on A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. Continue reading at your own risk


Oh man, where oh where do I begin? I had a lot of problems at the beginning of this book. Mostly Feyre. Well, Feyre and Tamlin drove me nuts, but it was Feyre that I really got annoyed with considering the whole book is in her point of view. Tamlin really pissed me off at the ending of the book.

But back to Feyre. I hate how weak she was. I hate how she felt like she needed Tamlin to make her stronger. Then at one point in the book she said, and I quote, “I had let them make me weak” (224)Bitch, no. You made yourself weak. Don’t blame your problems on other people. She had the option of not eating and being sad, but she didn’t do a damn thing about it until Rhys came in and pretty much forced it on her. (which feels like she still needs a man to save her, *eye roll*). SHE ALSO LEFT RHYSAND IN THE MUD INJURED BECAUSE SHE WAS PISSED OFF AT HIM. I was so mad. She’s so immature. Like you seriously need to isolate yourself for 5 days because you’re mad Rhys didn’t tell you, you were his mate sooner? I don’t see what it’s such a big deal and felt like she over exaggerated.

Also, there was a lot of sex in this book and I mean a lot. I felt like I was reading more porn that an actually book, but it was hot nonetheless. (is that a weird thing to say? Well done on your sex scenes Sarah J. Maas. Hot damn. Kudos to you!). However, it made some of the relationships feel too sexual based and I didn’t like that either.
14731350_10155320730307926_6558250858238932462_nBut Rhysand, my god, Rhysand. Remember when you guys were laughing at me because I was complaining about the love triangle thing happening? I totally dig it. Screw Tamlin. Rhysand is the only man who can  steal my heart, body, and soul. I’m slightly upset that he got  mated with Feyre because I feel like he deserves someone way better than her; however, I’m glad he found love. ❤

Can we appreciate Azriel for a second? He was extremely sexy as well. He was tall, dark, and mysterious. That’s for sure. Plus I love his name. It would be a fantastic kids name if I were to have children. I hope him and Mor find a way to be together in the end. He’s glorious. Also, who thinks Cassian is mated with Nesta? I was shocked when Lucien was with Elain. I’m mad at that sick logic. -_-

One part that slightly annoyed me, too, was that this book has heavy sex scenes that go into a lot of detail but every time a character flipped off someone, it was always “a vulgar gesture”. I mean, seriously? They can’t just say “fuck you” and move on? haha.
Also, I was confused about the whole Prison thing. There was a part in books were Cassian and the gang were saying how bad the Prison was but Feyre and Rhysand got in and out like no ones business. It also seemed too easy to get caught in Hybern. There wasn’t even any fighting. It was like “Boom, you’re powers are gone because I planned a trap now come with me” and they went quietly. I wish there was more of a fight that went down.

Also Velaris? Gorgeous. I was so sad when the Attor and his cronies attacked. I was so pissed. I felt like the action scene between Feyre and Attor went too quickly. Wish Attor put up more of a fight. AND TAMLIN SET UP FEYRE? HE DOESN’T TRULY LOVE HER. HE’S JUST A SELFIE NEEDY BASTARD THAT DOESN’T WANT TO BE ALONE. *end rant*.

Okay, but in all seriousness, I adored this book so much. I absolutely loved every minute of it- even when I was rolling my eyes. I loved the night court so much. I was so glad we got to experience that most of the book as well as the new set of characters. Everyone was beautiful and glorious and I miss the characters oh-so much.

What are your thoughts? 


2 thoughts on “A Court of Mist and Fury | Discussion”

  1. This is a great post, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I haven’t read these books yet … and I think I’m glad, this sounds like the kind of stuff that made me want to throw Twilight across the room.


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