October Favorites | 2016

Well, well, well, didn’t October fly by. October is one of my favorite months simply because I love fall. I love the change in colors with trees, the crisp clean air, and the holidays on their way. So here as some of my favorite things that happened in October!

On October 7th, I had my 22nd birthday. My  lovely boyfriend took me out to dinner for sushi, then we went to another place for dessert and wine (who knew dessert and wine could cost so much….). The best thing’s I got for my birthday were Mason Jar shot glasses and the Harry Potter illustrated book (which is glorious, mind you). (pictures from here)Hagrid and Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets Jim KayImage result for illustrated harry potter book 2

My girl, Jojo, also finally released her 3rd new album! If you don’t know, Jojo has been battling with her former label for years trying to get out of it because they were preventing her from making music. She finally got out of the contract, signed a new one with a new company and released the new album (which is fantastic).

Image result for mad love jojoMy favorite songs on the album are Music, I Am, and Reckless. Music is a beautiful and powerful song about how music has always been apart of Jojo’s life and has helped her through some bad things… I Am is about not feelings like you’re good enough for other people, not feeling good enough when you look in the mirror, but turning around and saying “I am! I am strong enough! I am beautiful!” It’s a powerful song. Lastly, Reckless is a song about having sex with a guy who wanted more but broke his heart. It’s a good R&B song.

I Am:



I also got new job hours at work! I’m now working 7am-1530 (330pm) monday through friday (with on-call weekends). It feels wonderful now having to work every single weekend anymore. I love 1st shift. I also go checked off to dispatch for my department at work. That means I send people runs to transport patients. I tell them who they’re getting and where the patient is going! 😀

Lastly, my boyfriend had a little bit of a falling out at the beginning of the month. Long story, but we’re working on things in our relationship. I think it’s making us stronger as a couple. We laid everything out on the table and know what we need to fix. It feels good.

How did your October go? Did anything wonderful happen? Anything you loved using or doing in the month of October?


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