I don’t want to read this because you don’t like it….

book-discussionI really need to rant and vent about this topic. It really upsets me to see people choosing not to read something simply because someone else didn’t like it. I understand someone may have the same taste in books as you, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically assume that you’re going to dislike a book they disliked. I don’t think it’s fair to the author or the book.

I’ve seen countless reviews on goodreads as well as book blogs about how a book wasn’t great and explain what they didn’t like about it. On these countless reviews, I see a number of comments saying “I was excited to read this book but after reading your review, I don’t think I’m going to read it…” It hurts my soul to see such comments. If you’re excited about a book, don’t let someone else’s review be the reason you don’t read it.

I, personally, don’t like to read any reviews on books until I’ve read the book. That way I have my own opinion on the book then I can go read the reviews and see what other’s have said about it. Then I can compare my thoughts with theirs. I do admit to wanting to read a book less, do to low ratings and bad reviews, but I’m trying to stop.

Do you read a book even if someone post a bad review on it or do you still give that book a chance?Β 


12 thoughts on “I don’t want to read this because you don’t like it….”

  1. I try to avoid reading reviews of books on my tbr, as best I can lol.
    But if I read a bad review I will still give the book a chance.
    I will probably lower my expectations of that book, but it still deserves to be read 😊
    Great post. β™₯️


    1. Same here! I also tend to have lower expectations when seeing a poor review on a book I have yet to read. I especially have this probably of goodreading books before I buy them to see how many stars it has… which I should stop doing XD Thank you πŸ˜€


  2. I totally agree with you! I think that every book deserved a chance to be read. Just because someone disliked it doesn’t mean that you will too. Great post! πŸ™‚


  3. I agree! I just checked my all time favourite book on goodreads and it also has a lot of good reviews but also countless bad reviews. Sometimes a book just isn’t right for a person and that doesn’t mean the book is bad. However I think reading other people’s reviews is a good way of figuring out whether you would like it or not, but you shouldn’t base your decision on one review.


  4. This happens to me often. I sometimes go to the Goodreads page and seeing a bad review sometimes deters me from reading the book. Now I always try to read the book for myself and than read the reviews.


  5. I always read spoiler-free reviews before reading a novel – that way I can discern whether or not a novel will be worth my while. However, I make sure that I trust the person who has given the review, that we have similar book tastes. I’ve been on Goodreads for many years, so I know who to trust I can’t remember the last time I read a book without reading a review lol, unless it’s by an author I love. I’m always scared to waste money on a book I might not like.


  6. Great question! Most times I will still give the book a chance – unless the reviewer has raised something that I know will annoy me. If I get to that point I’ve probably already been straddling the fence as to whether I really want to read the book or not.


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