5 Popular Books I’m Not A Fan Of


Hello! I thought today I’d talk about some popular books that I wasn’t super fond of. I know people talk about a lot of books they love, but what about the ones they’re not a fan of? I gathered a top 5 list of mine. These books aren’t necessarily awful in my opinion, I just don’t understand why people love them so much.

Image result for the hunger gamesAh, the beloved Hunger Games. This is the number one book I don’t understand why people love it so much. I really don’t. I found the beginning to be extremely slow. I don’t think anything with the hunger games happened until well over 150 pages into the book. Even though, I couldn’t get roped into the novel. I didn’t like the writing style nor the characters nor that world.

Image result for the darkest minds

I don’t understand this book and all its hype either. I wasn’t sold on the characters and the plot was super unoriginal. All I could picture while reading it was the movie Push. I don’t have any plans to continue with the trilogy. Honestly, I don’t remember anything from this book… oops

Image result for Before I Fall

I remember back when this book was huge in, I think, 2011. It took me for-freaking-ever to finish this book. I found the pacing to be slow, the characters dull, and writing meh. I guess I’m just not a huge fan of Lauren Oliver’s writing because I can’t get into any of her stories.

Image result for the archive book

This book was super original with a cool plot but again, the characters and writing fell flat for me. I hated every minute reading this book. I kept reading though because I kept hoping it would get better. I can’t get into and VE Schwab book. :c

Lastly, ShattImage result for shatter meer Me. Honestly, I enjoyed this book until it became super popular. I loved the main love interest in the first book then everyone started rooting for the second main love interest (whom I very much despised) so I refuse to read the rest of the trilogy.


6 thoughts on “5 Popular Books I’m Not A Fan Of”

  1. I didn’t enjoy Before I Fall either. For me, it was really contrived drama. I might see the movie coming out, but yeah I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone who has the same tastes in books as me!
    Great list – I’ve heard of all of these books before! Especially The Hunger Games… xD


  2. I was also rooting for Adam in Shatter Me until I read Warner’s novella. Everyone rooting for him makes a lot of sense in the end which really surprised me.

    I do understand your dislike of the Hunger Games. While I did enjoy it, there are parts that are soooo slow in the first two novels that almost made me stop reading. Did you watch the movies?


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