Books To Read For Christmas

As Christmas comes closer, it makes me want to read Christmasy books to get into the holiday season. I love books that deal with Christmas, the holidays, or even involve some kind of snow. I sadly don’t have a huge list of Christmas books to recommend, but here they are! If you have any book recs that are about Christmas or snow and they’re not mentioned here, leave them in the comments! I need more Christmasy books to read for December!

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I don’t remember much from Let It Snow; however, it did put me into a Christmas mood! This book has 3 different stories that all intertwines together to make one big storyline. I love how each short story had a different character, but it still went together with the book. A snow storm during Christmas Eve? What more can you ask for? Read the synopsis here!

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Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares is about a girl who leaves a “book of dares” on a shelf at the book story and a boy who decides to take the challenge… then a romance slowly blooms. I, personally, wasn’t a huge fan of this book (which makes me really sad) but it was still a really Christmasy novel! It can put you in the Christmas mood, for sure. Read the synopsis here!

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I know a lot of people know about this book, but My True Love Gave to Me was also a good Christmas book! It’s perfect to read a story a day leading up to Christmas! Beware, some stories are better than others. It was interesting reading short stories from authors I never heard of. Read the synopsis here!

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I was pleasantly surprised when reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I wasn’t expecting this book to be as Christmasy as it was. However, it put me in the Christmas spirit. It’s about a woman who starts to second guess her choices after her husband decides to go spend Christmas without her. Read synopsis here!

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Bittersweet isn’t a book about Christmas, but it does take place with snow! There is also a romance and ice skating involved. The male love interest in this story was sooooo cute. I’m really glad I read this! It was freaking adorable. Highly recommend! Read the synopsis here!

Image result for harry potter bookI know this is an obvious choice, but  I had to put the spectacular Harry Potter on this list. Because HARRY POTTER. I always get in the mood to read this series during the holiday season. It’s so magical. I don’t think I need to link a synopsis for Harry Potter…. right?


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