The struggles of blogging 


This isn’t a blog post to give advice on blogging. This isn’t a blog post on how to make your blog better. This is a post on how much of a struggle blogging is. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. I do. But sometimes I struggle with it. Sometimes I’m not good at it. Sometimes it makes me want to rip my hair out. And sometimes I almost want to give in and give up.

Sometimes I struggle on finding time to blog. How do people do it!? I work full-time. I mean, I have access to a computer at work but when I’m at work, I’d rather read on breaks and lunch. And when I’m home, I’d rather read. Or watch tv. Or eat food. Or sleep. I’ll also be working full-time from 7-330pm and THEN going to school 5-10pm this January through February. I’m struggling to find time to blog and write and create.

Working full-time, I’m tired by the time I get home. I’m exhausted. My mind is too tired to think of what to write. I feel like I don’t have stuff to stay. Which then makes me struggle with knowing whether or not I’m posting enough stuff to stay active. I know I could schedule posts, but like I said, I’m too exhausted to write. Not only that, but I’m always too tired to read blog posts too which is sad because I like what people have to say.

I sometimes struggle to post because I’m reading a super good book that I don’t want to set aside. Why blog when I can read a good book? Which, again, puts me out of the blogging mood. I feel like I don’t have enough time in a day so when I’m reading a really good book, I’d rather set a time to read than be on the internet (where I tend to get distracted).

Although I struggle with blogging, I still really enjoy it. I’ve meet so many great people ❤



13 thoughts on “The struggles of blogging ”

  1. Thank you! im struggling with bloogging too for the same reasons as you. I struggle to find the time for reading as i work from 8:30 till 4pm and then i have to do college work on top of that. Its nice to know that im not the only one struggling to post.


  2. I’m lucky because I’ve got quite an easy university schedule, so I have quite a lot of time per day left. I post a lot, but then I start to worry that maybe I post too much, or when I don’t have time on a day and therefore not post, I disappoint people? I try to keep up, but it’s quite hard. In the new year I’ll loosen up my blogging schedule a little, give myself more time to write quality posts.


    1. Yes! I feel that way sometimes too. Sometimes I feel like I’m posting every day and have thinking “my god, she’s posting again” but then I feel like if I don’t post, people forget I exist haha

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  3. Ahh I’m feeling the same way lately!! It’s not that I don’t have ideas or time because I’ve got BOTH, it’s just getting harder for me to get in the mood because there’s this more exciting thing I’d rather do lately :’) There’s several posts I need to finish writing but every time I open my draft, I lose the excitement. I’m also already super behind on replying comments, let alone blog hopping, which is sad because whenever I scroll through my wordpress/bloglovin feed I find a lot of interesting posts that I really want to read and leave comments on! I hope you (and I) find our groove soon ❤


  4. Totally understand all of these feelings! I work full time and sometimes it is so hard to find the time and the motivation to blog. I’ve wanted to do more over Xmas but still haven’t had as much time as I would like. It’s hard, but I always try and remember that it’s a hobby, not a job and I would never want it to feel like a chore. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you still enjoy it though, that’s the key thing and means you still want to do it when you’re relaxed and not tired!


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