Grisha Trilogy- Spoiler Discussion


Hello everyone! I’m going to be doing a *SPOILER* discussion on the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. If you have not read this trilogy, I highly recommend not reading this post.

I don’t remember much of the first book, Shadow and Bone but I do remember enjoying it. I think I enjoyed the story as well as the characters. I somehow found myself liking the Darkling in the first book. However, I keep asking myself why I ever did… I hated the Darkling as the trilogy went on. I wasn’t found of Alina either. Honestly, the only reason I kept to the story was because I wanted to see how it ended and because I loved the side characters so much.

I ended up hating Alina in the second book. She became incredibly annoying with this whole “I need more power. I need the third amplifier. I won’t let anyone stand in my way of that kind of power” nonsense. To me it made her extremely weak as a character. I felt like that was all she cared about in the second book was getting to the firebird. She didn’t care about what happened to her friends.

I loved Mal though. I don’t get why people disliked him. However, I was upset with him in the second book. I was pissed that he became a drunk ass simply because Alina didn’t kiss him back… seriously? SeriouslyEven then, he still didn’t seem to want to let Alina down and when he did, he beat himself up over it.


Nikolai. Oh how I love him. He added something fresh into the mix of the story. I loved him and his arrogance and sarcastic attitude. I loved him as a character. However, the whole weird 3 love triangle thing between Mal, Nikolai, and the Darkling was getting old quite quickly in book 2.

Moving on to book 3… it seriously took Mal and Alina that long to figure out Mal was the third amplifier? They had to be attacked by a bird to realize that? That was so stupid! AND ALINA CONSIDERED KILLING HIM!?

Moving on…. Nikolai gets turned into a beast… why? I haven’t figured out the point of that in the story besides to get rid of him. Nikolai turns into a beast, disappears for a while, then comes back and is human. Realllllly? That’s a stupid way to get rid of a character.

And don’t even get my started on the Darkling’s death. A KNIFE TO THE HEART!? COME ON. He’s suppose to be this immortal god like character and he dies from a knife wound AFTER Alina loses her powers *Queue eye roll*img_1572


And what is up with Alina losing her powers? I felt like reading the whole trilogy turned into a pointless effort. I felt like I read and finished the trilogy for no reason. Mal didn’t want her to have powers and he got what he wanted. He still “gets the girl” and I feel like that made Alina seem weaker.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this trilogy. It was great and hilarious. However, I feel like something needs to be done about the ending. I loved the ending until I read someone’s review and now realize that the ending makes absolutely no sense. Have you read this? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Grisha Trilogy- Spoiler Discussion”

  1. Awesome discussion! I agree with you on most points, but I loved Alina! I also like the fact that she lost her powers at the end. There are so many YA books out there with special snowflake protagonists who are the only ones to save the day, and I thought this was a refreshing take on that.
    I also loved Mal and I too don’t understand why people hated on him! He’s the best and my fave partner for Alina. Although I still love the Darkling and always will ❤

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