February Wrap-Up || 2017

Stats for February’s Reading
Favorite Book: Split Second (#2) by Kasie West
Least Favorite Book: Heartless by Marissa Meyer
Total Pages Read: 2,606
Average Rating: 3.7/5

Books I read in January:

Heartless by Marissa Meyer- 3/5 (Goodreads)
Pivot Point (#1) by Kasie West- 4/5 (Goodreads)
Splint Second (#2) by Kasie West- 5/5 (Goodreads)
Paranormalcy by Kiersten White-3/5 (Goodreads)
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater- 3/5 (Goodreads)
Trial by Fire (#1) by Josephine Angelini- 4/5 (Goodreads)
Firewalker (#2) by Josephine Angelini- 4/5 (Goodreads)

Thoughts on the books I read
I think the Pivot Point duology by Kasie West was by far my favorite books I read this month. The books were cute and freaking hilarious. I needed more Trevor Heartless was probably my least favorite read simply because I was so disappointed. I was disappointed because I freaking adore the Lunar Chronicles. Paranormalcy was an okay read. It was fun but just…weird. There wasn’t much to the story. The Raven Boys was also a weird freaking book. I don’t know what I was expecting from the book, but it sure wasn’t what happened in it. Lastly, I read the first two books in the Firewalker trilogy by Josephine Angelini. This trilogy so far is also disappointing because I loved her Starcrossed trilogy so much. ❤

Personal favorite things that happened

  • My boyfriend gave me the best Valentine’s Day. He made a fantastic fish and salad dinner.
  • Awhile ago, I was complaining to my boyfriend that I bought the old cover to the last Percy Jackson book off of Book Depository but they sent me the new cover instead. I was upset that it didn’t match my covers. So what did my boyfriend do? He bought me the last Percy Jackson book in the old cover. He bought the hardback though and my series in paperback so it still doesn’t match, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂
  • I started second shift again. I work 3pm-11pm and so far I like it!

11 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up || 2017”

  1. I remember reading Paranormalacy a few years ago and thinking the same thing. It was a fun read, but weird. I never had any interest in continuing on with the series.
    I’ve been putting off reading The Raven Boys for awhile. I heard that it’s slow and kind of difficult to get into it.


    1. Yeah I can’t see myself finishing the series either. If I did, it might be through the library. The Raven Boys was a decent read for me. The beginning was definitely slow I enjoyed it but I didn’t think there was anything special about it


  2. The Pivot Point duology are the only Kasie West books I haven’t read yet, they seem so different than her normal stuff! But now I want to read them. The Raven Boys is a really bizarre series, but I just love the characters ❤️❤️. This was a good reading month for you!


  3. I own Heartless but I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet. I’m glad you had a great Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a great week.


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