Why are reviews so hard to write!?


I just recently read a blog post by Becky @ A Fool’s Ingenuity where she talked about tips for people who think their reviews are getting too repetitive. After reading, I started thinking about my own book reviews and how they really are repetitive.


I started thinking that maybe this is why I despise writing book reviews. My book reviews were always the same: “this book was amazing”, “the writing was brilliant”, “the characters were dull”. Because of this, I ended up changing my “book reviews” to “book thoughts” simply because I didn’t feel like I was truly reviewing the book, just explaining my thoughts on the book.

Then upon further thinking, I realized that I never really explain why a book is good or the writing brilliant or the characters dull. I do keep a notebook to write down all of my thoughts, but when I sit down to write a review I can never think of what to say. I end up writing my bulletin points down, but the thoughts are usually so jumbled and I never know how to organize my thoughts into a “proper” review.

Because of this, I get stressed out writing. I want to write quality stuff but I feel like my reviews are lacking. I need to find a better way to express myself in words that people are interested in reading.


Lets discuss: How do you guys like to do your reviews? Do you make categories such as the follow: writing, characters, plot? Do you have a preference on reading certain review layouts? Any advice? Do you struggle with writing reviews as well?


7 thoughts on “Why are reviews so hard to write!?”

  1. I’m still trying to figure this out myself so I hope you get lots of comments full of suggestions I can steal! =) I’ve been thinking about alternating my genres, or at least avoiding reviewing books in the same series back to back so I feel less repetitive. I completely agree about reviews I do being more personal thoughts than definitive reviews.


  2. Yeah I always read good reviews that are like “the writing was imaginative and engaging” and here I am saying “the writing was good” xD


  3. I’m in the same boat. I just started blogging and I want my reviews to sound more engaging with other readers. Rather than just saying something was good or bad, give reasons behind it.


  4. My ‘reviews’ (if you can call them that) are full-on fangirling. I keep the first half of the review without all of the whale-mating noises, but the second half just goes out of control. I WAGE A WAR AGAINST QWERTY BY PRESSING CAPS LOCK REPEATEDLY. *as if Anj didn’t do that now* But, yes, it is definitely tough to organize a book review perfectly and mine always seem to be this mess that doesn’t sound coherent, to say the least.


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