Why I love Luna Lovegood 


For those closest to me, it’s no surprise that Luna Lovegood is my all time favorite Harry Potter character. Neville definitely comes in a close second. When I get talking to someone about HP, they always ask “who’s your favorite character?”. The answer is easy, “Luna!” But then they ask that dreaded question: “why?” I never knew how to explain why I love her. After much pondering, I’ve come up with a few reasons…

Luna is such a unique character. I honestly don’t know how to explain her personality besides being super quirky. She doesn’t seem to care that much about what people think of her. She wears clothes that make her stand out such has that glorious lions head she wore that one time at a quidditch game! XD

I think she’s a super loyal friend. She always seemed to be there for Harry and the rest of the gang. For example, she was there for Harry when he saw the Thestrals for the first time. She was empathic and explained that she, too, could see them. Or when Harry said that Dumbledore was back… Luna was one of the first people to stand up and tell him she believed he was telling the truth.

She believes in all creatures, much like Hagrid. Even if people call her crazy and laugh at her, she still stands for what she believes in. I think she would have gotten along fantastic with Newt from Fantastic Beasts because I know he’d believe her about all of the creatures she believes in :3

Overall, Luna is fantastic. She’s the kind of friend I want to have. She’s cute and adorable. She’ll be there to support you. She won’t think your views are crazy. She’ll stand up for you. And she’s very bloody smart. ❤

Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Why? 


18 thoughts on “Why I love Luna Lovegood ”

  1. I think she would have gotten along fantastic with Newt from Fantastic Beasts because I know he’d believe her about all of the creatures she believes in
    YES, I think they would’ve gotten along very well. LUNA IS SUCH an awesome character. I love how she doesn’t care about people’s thoughts on her, and is so unique and honest in her own way.


  2. Luna is such a great character! I absolutely love that she doesn’t care about what people think of her because a lot of the times people nowadays change themselves based on what other people like and I think that it is wrong. We should be proud of who we are! 🙂


  3. I totally adore Luna too! SHE’S SUCH A PRECIOUS BUNDLE OF CINNAMON. And my favourite thing is how she’s unapologetic about her personality and interests and nature. I loooove how she was never embarrassed to be her. ❤


  4. YES. A LUNA APPRECIATION POST. I love Luna along with Hermione! I think she is THE best example for not caring about judgmental people. *SHOVE THAT UNIQUENESS ON THEIR FACE, SO THAT THEY GET JEALOUS* I feel that she is a fictional role-model for girls all around the world because she is one of a kind and simply brilliant!

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  5. I personally adore Hermoine and Neville! (And Luna too!). Hermoine is so bookish and I love that about her, especially how she loves school and doesn’t try to hide that and Neville for how he was an underdog who was also so sweet and caring and brave!


  6. Book!Ginny is my favourite book character, but Luna is definitely my favourite character from the movies (partially because the movies ruined Ginny… but that’s another rant.)

    Evanna Lynch totally sold Luna to me – I love her so much. I think part of what drew me to Luna is that she completely lacks embarrassment or anxiety. It just doesn’t effect her when people think bad things about her, almost like she doesn’t even notice because she’s too busy looking for Nargles. I think she’s just such a great role model for how to be yourself and move beyond the judgment of others.


  7. Luna is my favorite HP character too! (I even named my Hedgehog after her) I just love how she’s never afraid to be herself. I know when I was younger she taught me that it’s okay to be you and screw whatever anyone else thinks. 😊


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