Popular Authors I’ve Tried To Get Into but I Just Can’t >_<

Meh Authors

I think we all have at least one author that we’ve tried to get into but literally just can’t no matter how much we try. I have 5. Some of these authors, I’ve read a book and enjoyed it but I can’t get into any of their other stories…


V.E Schwab: Oh man. V.E Schwab is huge, huge. I read The Archived and was less than impressed. I mean… it was a unique idea but the writing for me was just… bland. I couldn’t connect with any of the charaters. I had to force myself to finish the story.
Sarah Dessen: I read one book by Sarah and enjoyed it for the most part. But I can’t really get into any of her stories. Again, I find the writing and characters to be bland and boring. I haven’t read any of her newer stories though… maybe I should try…
Lauren Oliver: I really enjoyed Delirium. However, I couldn’t get into any of her author books. It book me maybe 3 months to read Before I Fall because the writing was just.. meh. Noticing a pattern? haha. I want to like her books but I just… can’t. *heavy sigh*
Maggie Stiefvater: I DNFed Shiver after like… 13 pages because I couldn’t do it. It was brutal. The only reason I pushed through The Raven Boys because so many people told me it would get better. I thought it was an okay read. I’m not going out of my way to read the rest of the books though.
Cassandra Clare: I read the first 3 books of City of Bones and after that, it became overdone. I’m now sick and tired of seeing the books. I tried reading the 4th book, but again, I got bored. I’m tired of the only thing being written by Cassandra is stuff related to Shadowhunters.

Do you have any authors you’ve tried to like but just can’t?


8 thoughts on “Popular Authors I’ve Tried To Get Into but I Just Can’t >_<”

  1. OMG YES.
    Patrick Ness
    I literally LOVE the titles and covers for his books. And The blurbs ARE SO PROMISING. And I just end up DNFing every book. I don’t know why.
    I LOVED a Monster Calls though but I think it’s stops there…


  2. *interesting* *very interesting*

    (insert a far-off look here)

    AHH. It’s maddening. I have to get to the books written by these authors. 😂


  3. I thought The Archived was awful, but I thought her writing in the Shades of Magic trilogy was amazing. Now, I am not as big a fan as those books as so many others (I had a lot of problems with the second one in particular), but I thought her writing was really impressive. Didn’t even seem like the same person who wrote The Archived. I also agree with you about Lauren Oliver.


  4. I feel like Sarah Dessen’s characters are kind of bland, too. I only read one book by her, but I thought it was very flat and blah


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