A Court of Wings and Ruin- Discussion

19113685_10156253901907926_3913923299348424396_nHello friends!

I finally did it! I FINALLY FINISHED A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN! It only took me a month and a half.. it’s not because the book was bad. It’s because I wasn’t in the mood for fantasy but I needed to read it anyways. Does that make sense? But I thought I’d write a discussion about my thoughts on the book. There will be SPOILERS so if you have not read this, I advise you to not continue reading this post. You have been warned 🙂

Starting off, I really disliked Feyre. I disliked her through the whole entire trilogy. I don’t have a good reason as to why. I just don’t like her. She got on my nerves a lot throughout the whole series. The only reason I continued was because of the writing and because of the Night Court characters. ❤

The NUMBER ONE THING I disliked the most about this trilogy was the when Mor came out as Lesbian. I have nothing against gay people. I don’t. I promise. I support the LGBTQ community 110%. However, I feel like there was this sexual tension between Mor and Az FOR THE ENTIRE 2 BOOKS. I shipped them so hardcore. My heart broke for Az because he is literally perfect. When he was gentle with Elain? My heart ❤ A part of me feels like the only reason Mor came out was because of all the backlash Sarah was getting for not having a gay character in her books. I felt like it was just thrown in.

I also didn’t like how Elain seemed so out of it for the first half of the book then after Az was like “you’re a seer”, Elain was “instantly” cured. I mean, she still had her moments but it still didn’t sit well with me. and Lucien being Helion’s heir? I don’t remember how Feyre instantly thought that. Was it mentioned? I was confused on how she figured it out so fast.

Moving forward with my sadness over Mor and Az, I really ship Az with Elain. I mean, sure she’s mates with Lucien but I think Lucien is more focused on the fact that he has a mate, not on figuring out if Elain is someone he could truly love. I love how Az and Elain are both kind of outsiders and Az is able to open Elain up. He’s patient with her when everyone else was getting annoyed with her. And when he gave her Truth-Teller? OH MY GOD, AZ. I think Lucien may one day end up loving Vassa. I feel like her personality fits more with Lucien than Elains. And Cassian with Nesta? I shipped them super hard to. However, Nesta’s bitchiness became super old after awhile. I’m just glad Cassian gave her shit right back.

I really liked the final scene with the Suriel. I love how it said the reason it helped Feyre was because she was kind. It goes to show how much a human heart full of kindness can help someone. I think it was an incredibly powerful scene.

I’m also kind of disappointed in this book. I loved Feyre and Rhys relationship in ACOMAF. I loved how sassy Rhys was. This book became way too mushy for my taste. Especially the fact that “mate” was used constantly. For example: “Don’t talk to my mate like that”, “My mate is battling”, “You are mine and I am yours, mate”. *gag*. It was cute at first but it became too much.

Lastly, I didn’t like the ending. I don’t like how nothing really felt… wrapped up. There were too many stories and too many unanswered questions. However, I did love that battle between Hybern with Elain and Nesta. But…. I felt like he was this super high being and Elain just stabbed him so…. effortlessly. I would have liked a bigger battle between them.

How about you? What did you like? Dislike? Are you excited for the spin-off series (WHICH OMG I DIDN’T KNOW WAS HAPPENING)?


4 thoughts on “A Court of Wings and Ruin- Discussion”

  1. I agree with you about Mor! I thought it was so selfish of her to lead Az on for like 500 years or whatever. She could have told him a long time ago and he would have still been her friend and kept her secret.


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