Am I Falling Out Of Love With Reading?

Why don’t I want to sit down and read anymore? For the past year and a half, my reading has gone down a lot. A few years ago I could read 50+ books in a year. Last year I read like…. 35 maybe? This year I’ve only read maybe 22 or 23 books and the years already more than half way over.

I feel like my reading has gone down tremendously ever since I started college a few years ago then has gone down again after I started working full-time. When I get home from work, I don’t want to read. I want to watch tv shows or be lazy and play on my phone.

I’ve read several books these past few months where I get to maybe 80% of the way done with the book then finish the story several weeks to a month later. I don’t know why. I still want to buy books. I’m still excited to read them… but when it comes to actually picking up a book and reading it, well… I don’t want to.

And I feel bad because I want to be apart of the book community. I want to talk about books with people. But lately I just don’t feel the love for it like everyone else does. Is it because I was a part of the booktube community for 6 years before I fell out of love with it due to drama? I have no clue, but I think that may be part of it.

I just want to say sorry to all my followers for my lack of posts recently. I’m hoping to come back soon with more reviews and book related things! But as of right now, I’m still trying to find that book that sparks my need to read again…

Any book recs that can spark that need? Thanks everyone ❤


4 thoughts on “Am I Falling Out Of Love With Reading?”

  1. Don’t be discouraged!! I get the same way with my writing at times! I want to write but when it comes down to it I just don’t. I think it has to do with feeling u don’t have time then u eventually are “out of practice” and even tho it’s something u love, u have to “practice” again. Ur hobbies need nurturing just like good habits do. Next time u look at a book and want to read it but don’t feel like it, just decide to read one paragraph anyway. It might help u get into it again. Ur not going to get back up to 50+ books overnight and even if u never read that much in a year again, as long as ur loving reading , it doesn’t matter how much u can do. Every word counts!!


  2. I feel so bad for you! But like I don’t think reading should be something we MAKE ourselves do, necessarily…I mean, maybe a little bit? It’d be sad to never read again. But I think one of the downsides of the book community is that we put a LOT of pressure on ourselves to read a lot…and we really don’t have to! Read what you can and what you want to. :’) I hope you get your enthusiasm back sometime!


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