June Wrap-Up

Hello readers,

I’m here to talk about my lovely June wrap-up and all the books I’ve read. I’m also going to talk about some personal things that happened in June!

I’m so proud of myself! I finished my complete June TBR! I really enjoyed all of the books. I also read a few more books that were not part of my June TBR.


I read quite a few books but I only got around to reviewing 3 books this month.
The books I got around to reading are:
Brave Enough (ARC)\\ This book was pretty heavy but I still really enjoyed it!
Love & Gelato\\ WE GO TO ITALY! This book was freaking adorable. I loved it.
Since You’ve Been Gone\\ This was pretty meh for me. I did eventually end up enjoying it!

The books I read but didn’t around to are the following; however, if you click the link, it’ll take you to my review of them on goodreads!:
-Super nerdy
-Love the relationship
-Took awhile to get into
-Has different point’s of view
This is What Happy Looks Like\\✬✬✬✬
-Needed more development between characters
-Good writing, fast read
-Seemed kind of instalovey
-Fun cheesy romance for the summer
The Unexpected Everything\\✬✬✬✬
-Had a slow beginning
-Has strong relationship with friends and father
-Cute, awkward romance

I didn’t finish this book in June; however, I’m still including it in my June TBR because I had 70 pages left as of June 30th. I read the majority of the book in June so I’m counting it! XD

What To Say Next\\✬✬✬✬✬
-An unlikely friendship between a girl and a boy with Asperger’s
-Writing was great as well as pacing
-One of my favorites this month ❤

Random Statistics:

Average Rating: 4
Pages Read: 2,663
Favorite Book: What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum
Least Favorite Book: Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Personal Things:
-Went on Vacation to Alabama! It took 2 days to get down there because we had problems. It’s a very long and hectic story. I’m more than happy to share if you really want to know everything that happened XD
-My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months! Holy shit!
-This isn’t great but we did have a very unexpected death in the family. My great aunt had posted on facebook that she was home from rehab and doing okay but then she went back to the hospital the next day and died.
-I started counseling and new medication at the end of May, and I have felt that best I’ve felt in a very long time in regards to anxiety and depression!
-I saw Love,Simon! I actually really liked it. I actually think I think I like it more than I did the book, oops.



8 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up”

  1. Hey, that’s a good month ❤ we feel the same way about since you’ve been gone. I hope you feel good in regard to by our anxiety and depression. Lots of love ❤


  2. Congratz on your six month anniversary! 😀 I love milestones like that, hahah.

    I can’t even make the choice between Simon vs. and Love, Simon. I love them both! The only minor annoyance towards the movie I had was how Leah was so NOT plus-sized and I was hoping for that. :’) Definitely going to buy the bluray though. I want to rewatch it already.


      1. Anniversaries never stop being special. At least to me they don’t, haha. Every 28th of the month, my boyfriend and I still wish each other a happy anniversary, even though we’ve been together for over two years. “Normal” people keep telling me we’re not normal for doing that but I love it, haha. 😛


  3. It seems like you had a lovely reading month, yay! I heard great things about Geekerella, so happy you liked it so much, will have to read it at some point 😀
    Have a lovely month! xx


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