Hard Things About Book Blogging

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I always see a lot of posts about the pros of book blogging and what people enjoy about it but rarely do I see the cons of blogging. Sometimes people think making a blog is simple and easy; however, they become discouraged when they realize that blogging is not all fun and games. Because of this, I thought I’d make a list of things about blogging that I find hard to do.


  • Blogging is a lot of work. You can’t just slap together a post and call it good (which, admittedly, I sometimes do this…). Sometimes it can take me close to an hour to write a blog post because I have to think about what topic I want to write about, what to say about said topic, and sometimes get pictures to include. Then when all that is said and done, I sometimes try to go back and make sure I don’t have any spelling errors (again, most times I forget to do this. Guilty as charged!)


  • I don’t always know what to talk about. I feel likeΒ I see all of these great discussion posts from other book bloggers and feel discouraged because man I only seem to post reviews! I sometimes don’t feel like I’m a good enough blogger


  • I feel pressured to read Advanced Reader Copies (ARC’s). No one is blame but myself; however, I feel like I need to read some ARC’s in order to be considered a book blogger. I know that’s not the case but I still seem to request more ARC’s than I can handle.


  • Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to get your blog up and rolling. It’s frustrating when you see multiple bloggers that have 100+ followers and all you can think is how!? I try to promote my blog on facebook and twitter but sometimes that never feels like enough. Sometimes I comment on people’s post as well just to get my name out there but I don’t always have things to write for a comment and I’d hate to just write “awesome post!”.


  • I feel like I have a hard time scheduling posts as well. I’m trying to create a schedule for myself with preplanned post idea’s but sometimes I feel unmotivated to write those posts. Thus, I get behind and beat myself up for it.

Although blogging is hard work and not all fun and games, it’s still a very rewarding experience. I wouldn’t give up blogging for anything. ❀


8 thoughts on “Hard Things About Book Blogging”

  1. I understand completely what you mean about feeling like posts have to be original. I take that so seriously that I end up with massive gaps between posts where I’m trying to think of something, although I’m trying to get better at it not doing that πŸ˜… I’ve never once requested an ARC! I think so long as you’re enjoying blogging then you’re doing it right regardless of expectation ❀


  2. Lovely post – I love how relatable this all is! Book blogging has its perks, but it also has its struggles and it’s certainly not an easy hobby like you could imagine it is, when you first start out. Thinking of blog posts ideas, planning things out, reading books, interacting with others, everything is really time-consuming and it takes a whole lot of organization, too. In the end though, despite the struggles, we love it all so much otherwise we wouldn’t be here πŸ˜€
    Don’t worry too much, you’re doing great, keep on doing you! πŸ˜€ xx


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