Christmas lists already

The dreaded time of year has come upon us where my mom starts asking me for a Christmas list. The older I get, the less things I want for Christmas. Honestly, I don’t care if I get books or anything for Christmas. Ever since I started working in a hospital where I need to work on holidays, I appreciate the family time more than the gift giving. I would honestly be okay just sitting at home, watching a Christmas movie, and drinking hot chocolate while it snows outside.

I guess a few things I would like for Christmas are the following:

Barnes and Noble gift card
H&M gift card
Bath and Body Works gift card
American Eagle gift card
Old Navy gift card
The Kiss Quotient
The Name of the Wind
Children of Blood and Bone

Gifts I would like for both my boyfriend and I:
Hot tubs gift card
Movie gift card
Different restaurant gift cards

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Christmas ❤


1 thought on “Christmas lists already”

  1. I have a YouTuber friend and have been drooling over his Bath & Body Works hauls. I’d like a gift card for that place too because I definitely don’t go there and spend anything on myself. I also appreciate family time, of course I’m much older than you. If I can get my kids to come spend time with me, I’m golden. Life is so much different now since the divorce. While I was married, I was fine with the fact that they were daddy’s girls. It’s a lot harder now emotionally for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they have a great dad…I just wish our relationship was stronger. I hope that makes sense. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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