Is My Reading Taste Changing?

reading changesHello,

I feel like I have been in a massic reading slump for years. Nothing I do seems to help. I use to read on average about 45ish books a year. Now? Now it’s been about 20ish. I find myself in long reading slumps and nothing captures my attention.

I’ve started wondering if maybe my reading taste is just starting to change and I never realized it until now. I have tons and tons of contemporary books in my position but none of them ever sound interesting. It’s to the point where every story sounds the exact same. There’s no originality to it at all.

I started to realize that I would start to get out of a reading slumping after reading a fantasy or a thriller. Most recently I finished reading The Girl Who was Suppose to Die. It made me want to read more. I’m now really intrigued to read fantasy books, the one genre I was never a fan of.

This is also got me thinking to how my reading has changed drastically over the past 7 years  that I have been apart of the book community. I recently cleaned out my goodreads TBR from 270 books to 32. I don’t remember adding 3/4 of those books. I don’t remember what they were about so I knew I was never going to read them.

Other times I’d read the synopsis and think “why did I even add that? that sounds terrible!” So my goal for 2019 is to focus more on fantasy novels. I also want to focus more on stories that I think sound interesting, not books that others find interesting.

Hope everyone has a fantastic new year 😀


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