Reading YA As A 25 Year Old

Young Adult As an Adult
Reading YA books in my 20’s, especially my mid twenties, is a strange experience. The older I get, the more my reading tastes change. When I was in my teens, my favorite books of all time were contemporaries. I loved me a good romance with some nice family drama thrown in. Now? Not so much. Now I just find myself getting annoyed reading about young love and how it feels like they’re going to be “together forever”. Every synopsis always feels like the same story line. But also, I feel weird reading young adults with kids having sex. I know they’re just characters, but I feel kind of… pervy reading books with 15 year old characters experiencing sex for the first time.

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As I reach my mid twenties, I find myself wishing there were more books that had characters between 18 and 29. A lot of books seem to be centered around characters between 14 to 17 or characters that are 30+. I know there is new adult books with characters relatively close to their 20s but those books always feel like they’re about sex and only sex.

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I am getting more and more drawn to fantasy, which is funny because I use to hate it. I found it so boring. As an adult, I feel like it’s easier to under the world? I’m not sure if that makes any sense. Young adult fantasies feel so much more magical than adult fantasies. I get so immersed in the story. It’s always a fun adventure battling things such as evil villains and scary monsters.

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I love adult contemporaries when I’m in the mood for something romantic, but I get annoyed reading those as well. The conflict always feel the same. It feels like every conflict in contemporaries is caused by miscommunication.  The characters mad or thinks the love interest isn’t interested. The characters end up fighting or being sad for several chapters, which is usually a week to months in book land. They don’t even consider talking to each other until another person intervenes. Maybe it’s because I’m in a serious relationship of several years but i cannot stand it. We have our fair share of miscommunication fights, I mean who doesn’t? But we don’t take long to talk it out and solve it.

Are you an adult reading young adult books? What is your opinion? I would love to hear 🙂


4 thoughts on “Reading YA As A 25 Year Old”

  1. I’m 23 and I read lots of YA, although I think in the past few years I’ve been slowly turning towards adult novels. I love romance – although I agree, miscommunication is THE worst trope, but thankfully I’ve discovered lots of romances where that wasn’t the main conflict. 🙂 This year I also started to read adult fantasy – they can be more complex than YA, and what I love in books like Jade City, for example, is that years go by during the books. It really allows more development – both of the world/politics and of the characters – than a typical YA Fantasy that takes place in a short amount of time. Even so, I do love YA!! But there are certain, I guess, topics that I have no interest in reading as an adult. I do read Contemporary YA occasionally, but rarely, if ever, ones that revolve around high school. Anyway, interesting and great discussion topic! 🙂


  2. I also wish that there were more books for ‘new adults’ because I feel as I’m getting older I want more stories that feature older characters. Sadly, adult books are wholly unrelatable to me, because the characters are at a different point in their lives and have different priorities. Though I’m trying to read more Adult Fantasy 🙂


    1. I completely agree. They always seem to have money problems or family drama with husbands and kids or nice jobs and I’m just over here struggling to support myself while living at home 🙈

      Adult fantasy is becoming really good to me! I feel like it has a lot of murders and blood shed in it tho 😂


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