What Makes Me Click Follow On A Blog?

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Hello! First thing first, I’m not here to write a post saying your blog is terrible if you don’t have these features. I’m just here to talk about things I really appreciate in a blog! These are the features I try to add to my blog because I love when people have them! 🙂 Also note, these are in no particular order. 

One…Gorgeous headers

I absolutely love a great header! I think they make a blog look super neat. I think they add a little bit of pizzazz. I hated my blog so much until I created my header and now I’m obsessed with my blog. I’m always showing it off. I want to update it but I also currently love it. I’m weird, I know XD Here are some headers out of the many blogs I follow that I freaking LOVE. Just click on each picture and it will take you to the bloggers ❤

*If you don’t want me showing your blog header, let me know and I will kindly take it down ❤ 

Two… Easy to access follow buttons

I cannot tell you HOW many times I stumble upon an absolutely GORGEOUS blog but they don’t have a follow button anywhere. I would love to keep up on their content but it’s impossible. I also hate when the only follow option is to follow via email. My email gets clogged up enough as it is. 😦

Three… Post Banners

These are not necessary at all. I will not not follow your blog because you don’t have these. I just think they’re a nice personal touch. I’m a visual person so I just think they make a post look pretty neat! I feel like the ones I make are always too busy, but I like them XD Here are some beautiful examples of blog banners I love from the wonderful people I follow. ❤ Click the post banners to be taken to the bloggers page! 


*If you don’t want me showing your blog banner, let me know and I will kindly take it down ❤ 

Four… Pictures, Pictures, PICTURES 

This is probably one thing that makes me not follow blogs unless the post is really amazing. As I previously stated, I’m a very visual person. I hate when people just list books without pictures. For example: My January Wrap-Up *lists books with no pictures*. I love going on blogs and seeing new gorgeous covers. I don’t like having to put in extra work to look to see what a book looks like. Does that make me a terrible person? 😮 This leads me to my next point… 

Five… No Links

hate when people list the books with not only zero pictures but no link to goodreads or something!? I’ve come across several TTT posts with people just listing the books to the prompts with no description of the book. This probably makes me sound terrible but I hate putting in extra work to search a book to find out what it’s about as much as I hate putting in effort to see what the book looks like. XD

Six… Spoiler Warnings

Enough said? I mean… who just happily writes a review with no spoiler warning in either the post or the header? There are many times I refuse to read reviews because I’m scared about reading a spoiler on accident. I only read the reviews from bloggers I absolutely trust. I’ve been spoiled more times than I can count because of zero warnings. Me no likey. 

Seven… Simple, not busy. 

This one really depends on how well the posts are written. I don’t necessarily like when everything on the blog is crammed together. I’m also not found when there is a super bright background with black text. It always hurts my eyes. If you like it then that’s wonderful! 😀

Eight… Not posting the same thing for every single post

Oh man. I’ve stumbled upon a few blogs that only have the same thing posted. I mean every single post they have are just Top Ten Tuesday posts or just book reviews. I like a little originality. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just personally don’t like reading about the same things all the time! 

Nine… End Signatures. 

Honestly, no idea why I love these so much. I just think they’re super cute. I made myself one but I’m debating if I want to change it. I think I want a white background so it blends in with my blog a little. I’m not sure what they’re exactly called, but they’re just a signature or something at the end of a blog post. Here are some examples from amazing bloggers 😀 And as before, just click on the signature and it will take you to the blogger ❤ 



*If you don’t want me showing your end signature, let me know and I will kindly take it down ❤ 

Ten… Replies! 

I think this goes for a lot of bloggers, I love interaction! I didn’t join the book community to simply talk to myself! I really appreciate when bloggers reply back. It makes me feel like I matter. I just think it’s neat to have a conversation with someone who took the time out of their day to read your stuff. YAY FOR FRIENDS! 

What makes you follow a blog? Anything particular? What do you like to do for your blog? Let me down below! 😀

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10 thoughts on “What Makes Me Click Follow On A Blog?”

  1. Absolutely loved this! It’s interesting to see what makes people follow a blog 💫 For me I have to be able to tell that the blogger enjoyed writing their posts as then I’m more likely to have fun reading them! And I totally agree with comments, I once found a blogger who stated that they wouldn’t reply to comments because it made their blog look better in some way in that they were popular without having to give anything back and I was like WHAT? 😂 I mean what are they getting out of this whole thing if they’re not involved in the community? I don’t get it. I love it when a blog post sparks a conversation and a friendship blossoms 💫 Great post! ❤️


    1. Oh my gosh, that’s terrible! How does it make them look better by not interacting with people!? Seems like their “fame” got to their head *eye roll*. YES! That’s such a wonderful point too! I love when you can tell a blogger enjoys what they’re writing. If you don’t care about what you’re writing, no one else will care about it either!

      Thank you, Elsie! 😀

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  2. First of all, I’m so happy that you find my blog header pretty!!! My heart is filled with fluff that you acknowledged it heehehe. Additionally, I completely agree with this statement:

    “I’m obsessed with my blog. I’m always showing it off. I want to update it but I also currently love it.”

    I think as bloggers, we just can’t help but be our own number one fans. I totally get this feeling and the more you like your blog’s visual style, the more you like to let it grow! I enjoyed reading this Amber and I highly agree with the banners as well since I’m a sucker for aesthetics XD Alongside this, like you, I really love blogs that have a variery of content as opposed to the usual weekly memes and book reviews. Discussion posts and lists are my staple favorite and I really love reading it because it’s more personal.

    I love this post and thank you once again for featuring my blog! :>


    1. Awww, you are so welcome Divine!
      I completely agree! I feel like the more I change my blog and make it to my liking, I’m more excited to post new content simply because I just want to see my blog XD I also love discussion posts because -like you said- they’re more personal.

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked it ❤

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  3. I just clicked to see this post because I LOVE the idea, and OMG, you made my day putting my header, it makes me very happy that you like it, beautiful 🥺🥺🥺
    For me the most important thing is the interaction of the blogger with his followers, and it has to have that spark or that something special that really just resonate with me, you know? and really seeing that he care about his content and is kind, is super important. 🥰
    There are so many wonderful blogs out there that aren’t so recognized and that makes me so angry because they do amazing jobs, always blow my mind.

    PS: I LOVE your blog and love your content, you deserve all the support and love ❤️✨



      and yes! I completely agree. I’m always on the hunt for amazing blogs because I want to support everyone. We’re all in this together. Aaaah, you’re such a sweetheart Sofii! ❤

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