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This weeks topic is: “Reasons why I love Harry Potter

People close to me know I have an ‘unhealthy’ obsession with Harry Potter. I own so many different copies of the books as well as several shirts, socks, necklaces, nifflers, and more. I thought it would be fitting to explain why I love Harry Potter so much! 🙂 

*there will be spoilers of the Harry Potter series. You have been warned*

The world feels like home. 
I don’t know how to explain it, but every time I’m back at Hogwarts I feel like I’m home again. It has become my comfort place. Even with all the sad things that happen, it still comforts me to be back in the world of magic. 

It makes me happy.
When I’m feeling sad, I turn on Harry Potter to cheer myself upThe characters are such lovely characters. They’re always cracking me up and making me smile. 

The characters feel like my own personal friends. 
The characters are so easy to relate to. I feel like I’m super close with all of them. They’re there for me when I have no one else to turn to. They’re so special to me. 

It made me realize I don’t need money to be happy.
Ron is such a fantastic friend. He grew up with little to no money. Growing up, I felt like I needed to have the best new thing to be happy. Following Ron, I realized I just need great people to share my time with to be happy. 

It’s magical. 
I could live in Diagon Alley and the Burrow and Hogwarts alllll the time. It’s so freaking MAGICAL! I don’t have to explain it. You just know. 

It helped me realize I can use a powerful happy thought to drive away the darkness. 
As someone that has struggled with anxiety and depression, learning about the dementors has helped me tremendously. I used the the patronus charm to find my anchor. When I start to lose myself, I use my anchor to help keep me grounded. My anchor actually ended up being Harry Potter ❤

It has taught me there are two sides to every story.
Snape was a jerk, and I still don’t like him, but he was doing his own thing to protect Harry Potter. Just because we act one way does not mean we are that thing. I’m not sure if that makes sense? Sometimes people hide behind anger to protect their pain (snape). Sometimes people hide behind a smile to protect their grief. There are always two sides to a person. 

It has taught me that we get to choose who we want to be.
Harry Potter did not want to be a slytherin. He choose to be a Gryffindor. Harry could have choosen to be friends with Draco even though he knew draco was a jerk. Harry choose not to. I get to choose who I want to be and I choose to be a good person. 🙂 

What do you love? and why? 

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Reasons I Love Harry Potter”

  1. As a major Harry Potter fan. Like you I have multiple copies and tons of fandom items in my house. This is a series I’ll never get sick of. I agree with all of your reasons, it always feels like coming home! Great post ❤


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