Crushing On YA Boys As An Adult

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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about young adult books and having crushes on the love interest. She stated that she rarely ever crushes on the love interest in young adult because it makes her feel pervy. She’s 27. I then asked my friend, who is 32, if she felt weird crushing on the boys in YA. She stated she does.

This is something I never thought of before. I am 25, and here I was swooning over a 17 year old boy in the book I was reading. I have zero interest in young boys. My boyfriend is 10 years older than me! But it started to get my thinking… is it okay to crush on YA boys as an adult?

In answer, I think yes, it is okay to crush on YA book characters as an adult. I think when I’m reading, I never imagine the boy as a teenager. I imagine him as my age even if he is making some stupid decisions. Kind of like my boyfriend, I don’t look at him and think “wow this guy is 10 years older than me”. I just like “Wow, I really love him. He makes my insides feel all gooey”. I love the character because of who is his and how he’s portrayed as oppose to how old he is.

I also tend to fall for them because they make me feel the way I did when my boyfriend and I first stated dating. The first chemistry, the first dates, the start of friendship. I love it. Although I love my boyfriend, I do miss the start of a relationship when everything is new and exciting. I think that’s what I love reading YA. I don’t necessarily crush on the character, more the circumstances. Does that make sense? I feel like I’m crazy XD

Although I will never crush on young boys in real like (they’re way to young looking for me, lol!), I will still have crushes on the male characters. I love seeing girls be treated right and I think that’s yet another reason I love them so much. I will yell it loud and proud I LOVE YOUNG ADULT LOVE INTERESTS AS AN ADULT. FIGHT ME. Hell, I even crush on demons and gods and robots in books. I think crushing on a 17 year old character is the least of my worries XD

What about you? Do you feel weird about it? Do you not notice? Let me know down below ❤

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9 thoughts on “Crushing On YA Boys As An Adult”

  1. I agree! I often imagine the characters being about my age.

    In any case, my impression of the characters is that they’re often older than their described age … at least in my preferred genre of SFF. (Not many 16-year-olds would ever be Capital of the Guard.) … their physical description, emotional maturity, intelligence, jobs/positions, and the dilemma they find themselves in all point toward adult.

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  2. This post really got me thinking, this issue is something that never crossed my mind! But same as you, I think it’s alright because when I’m reading, I also imagine the characters to have the same age as mine instead of their actual age. Idk I just barely could imagine them as teenagers 😅


  3. Like the other comments, I imagine myself as the teenager. I was a teen when I read Twilight and definitely had a crush on Edward. But there were 40-year-old moms who were reaaaaally into Edward and even threw Twilight parties and everything. I don’t know. I feel like there’s enjoying the book and living as the romantic interest and outright obsession when you’re middle aged, lol.


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