May Wrap-Up

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Hello to all of you beautiful faces!

I hope you had a fantastic reading month! I’m surprised I did considering I DNF’d two books in the month of May. Here are all the wonderful things I read in May! ❤

The Overview:
DNF: 2
Audiobooks: 3
E-books: 3
Physical copies: 0
Favorite book: Soul of the Sword
Least favorite: Poppy War
Pages read: 2,937
Average stars: 4.8

The Books:

Shadow of the Fox triology (1)

Dislike (7)

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling \\ I have been rereading the Harry Potter series for the past two months. I have been listening to them on audiobook every night before I go to bed. Okay, so I fall asleep while I listen to them but I’m still counting them XD I was not expecting to enjoy the audiobooks so much. They’re so freaking magical. :3

Shadow of the Fox triology

Dislike (7)

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa \\ Holy wow. This trilogy is freaking amazing. I can’t even. I could not put it down. There is so much Japanese references and mythology. It’s glorious. I’m hoping to do a full series review here shortly! I think the main character, Yumeko, is my current favorite character this year. ❤

Shadow of the Fox triology (2)

Dislike (6)

The sad time has come…Both of these books were on my May TBR, but I sadly decided to DNF both The Poppy War and Jade City. I put up a post a few weeks ago where I was contemplating DNFing Poppy War. I just couldn’t do it. I know so many people loved it. I’m sad I didn’t. I ended up DNFing this at 219 pages (41%). Maybe one day I will be able to get into it. I also decided to DNF Jade City. This is more of an on hold book. I DNF’d this at page 66 (10%). I just wasn’t in the mood to read it. There was nothing I disliked about but, I just didn’t want to read it at the time. #problemsofbeingamoodreader

Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy any of these? Did you read anything good this month? Let me know everything! 😀 Amber (1)


4 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up”

  1. Oh I love the Shadow of the fox trilogy, I really need to pick up book three ASAP!



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