Bookstores Around the World I would Love to Visit

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am coming at you with some adorable, cozy, and beautiful bookstores I would love to visit some day. These are from all over the world. There are so many in the USA I would love to visit someday too! 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 5.41.46 PM

Shakespeare and Company– Paris, France

Shakespear and comp






Look how cuteeeee this is. I really love the couch.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid- Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Ateneo Grand Splendid - Wikipedia







This… is… absolutely… magnificent. It’s so grand and OMG.

Libreria Acqua Alta– Venice, Italy

Libreria Acqua Alta: Venice's Most Beautiful Bookstore - An ...

That water view though! *insert heart eyes here*

Livraria Lello– Porto, Portugal


Livraria Lello | CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Port… | Flickr








ANOTHER GRAND BOOKSTORE! It’s beautiful. I needs it now.

Selexyz Dominicanen– Maastricht, Netherlands

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore | Merkx+Girod Architecten

Boekhandel Dominicanen | Bezoek Maastricht








Okay, okay, okay. I guess I’m going on an extravagant adventure to bookstores.

Atlantis Books– Oía, Santorini, Greece

6 Reasons You Need to Visit Atlantis Books in Santorini ...






This store sells books in so many different languages! I’m also a sucker for all greece buildings. :3

Honesty Bookshop– Hay-on-Wye, Wales

Hay-on-Wye: The Town of Books | Amusing PlanetHOW DO THEY KEEP THEIR BOOKS DRY!?

The Bookworm, Beijing, China


Goodbye to The Bookworm, Beijing's premier independent bookstore ...






A bookstore where you can eat and drink? Sign me up!

Barter Books– Alnwick, United Kingdom

Barter Books - Wikipedia

Barter Books, Alnwick: In Pictures






I just think this one looks super cute :3

Word on the Water– London, United Kingdom

Word On The Water: The Beaut Bookshop Floating On Regent's Canal










Cărturești Carusel– Bucharest, Romania



This one might be my favorite. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the white and UGH.


Have you been to any of these? Are they as amazing as they seem? Let me know down below 😀

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7 thoughts on “Bookstores Around the World I would Love to Visit”

  1. The bookstore in Porto is beautiful ❤ I was there once. But there sooooo many people there, first the line then in the shop, that I didn't really absorb it all the way I wanted to.. It's very small as well, was very difficult to walk around with so many people inside, lol

    I'd love to visit the one in Romania, it looks amazing!


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