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Let’s talk bookish is a weekly meme, created and hosted by Rukky @Eternity Books  & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.

This weeks topic is: The Popularity of YA Books

Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like young adult books is one of the most read genres. Young adult books are marketed for people between the ages of 13 to 18; however, there are so many more adults reading YA. I wanted to talk about why I think YA is such a well read genre.

It’s fun and exciting! I feel like YA is the best of both worlds. We get the fun adventures like middle grade books but we also get some romance in there like adult books. We also get to go on some epic adventures in the fantasy stories!

They’re light and fluffy. Okay, maybe not always fluffy. Adult books deal with too many adult problems: divorce, kids, job, money. I don’t want to be reminded of my adulthood so I like to escape into YA and read about non adult like problems.

Overall, I think young adult are just fun books. It’s fun reading about stuff that reminds me of going to high school and experiencing love for the first time or feeling like an outcast. They can be so empowering. Plus a human that gets sucked into a magical world? Sign me up!

What are your thoughts on the popularity of YA books? Let’s chat!


10 thoughts on “Popularity of YA Books || Lets Talk Bookish”

  1. Absolutely love YA Books! 📚 They’re so easygoing with a bit of everything entwined, such an easy escape and I always come away from them having learned something new ✨. Great post! 💕


  2. i think YA is popular because it just hits the perfect note that’s enjoyable for everyone- middle grade/children’s book could feel a bit too immature while adult books can be too mature, so YA is the perfect middle ground for many! plus as you mentioned, they have the best and most fun ideas!


    1. I completely agree about your middle grade and adult comment. I always feel like adult is too mature for me. Mostly because I don’t want to deal with all the characters issues XD


  3. I really love YA books too! It’s what I read most of the time if I’m being honest. They just provide so much escape. I find they often have a great balance of being empowering and talking about important issues while still being light and fluffy


    1. I completely agree! I feel like sometimes adult books the characters are “too set in their ways” to learn whereas children’s books don’t feel like they’re full mature yet to understand broader ideas! YA is the perfect medium 😀


  4. YA books are definitely among the most read genre in the online book community, you’re definitely right there! I agree that they tend to be really fun adventures. It feels like YA books have the freedom to cover so many genres and break so many boundaries. YA books can be any sort of adventure and they usually have some steamy romance sprinkled in~


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