We Be Unhaulin

Hello friends,

I have decided to tear my bedroom apart and in the process I decided to get rid of “some” books. I’m unhauling 92 books. This is a bittersweet moment. I thought it would be fun to share what’s being donated. I’m sorry for getting rid of some of these! I know some of them are super popular. I just couldn’t love them like other people. 😦

As you’ll see, I am donating all of my Lauren Oliver books. I’ve tried to get into her stories because they’re so popular but her writing style just isn’t for me.

I enjoyed the first 3 books of City of Bone but then I DNFd it after that. I also didn’t really like The Hunger Games and I could never finish Mockingjay. I’m actually donating The Hunger Games movie too. “/

It was a hard decision to get rid of Across the Universe. I absolutely love the old covers but I just cannot get into them. But they also don’t make those covers anymore so maybe I’ll have to keep them? AH I’M SO INDECISIVE.


6 thoughts on “We Be Unhaulin”

  1. That’s a lot of books!! In the last few years, I’ve actually done an annual unhaul and I get read of 10-15 books a year. I’ve also donated all of them. Most of them are on libraries now and the rest, I gave to other people who hopefully enjoyed them more than I did.
    I’ve only read 2 books by Lauren Oliver. I remember liking Before I Fall probably 10years ago. But I also know that if I read it now, I won’t like it at all. It sucks you didn’t enjoy The Hunger Games series but it’s totally fine. Different tastes.


    1. That’s awesome!! I hope those who get these enjoy them more than me too. I feel super guilty about the hunger games. I wish I could have liked it as much as everyone else 😔


  2. Wow! So Amazon g for donating the ones you dont like or wont read! I try and pass mine onto friends and family but cant find myself getting rid of this many. I liked the hunger games when I first read it as well but if I were to reread it I dont think I would enjoy it as much


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