My Favorite Things About Fall- blogtober

Hello my darlings!

I’m here to talk about my favorite things about Fall. Fall is my favorite season EVER so I am quite excited. I’m not much of a summer person. The weather is nice but I don’t like doing things and sweating my butt off. I’m not much of a swimmer, lol. Let’s get to it!

Crisp Air & Fallen Leaves | Nature gif, Nature, Scenery

Crisp Air \\ I love the smell of fall. It just has a certain smell to it. The wind is cooler, the leaves are falling, the rain is coming. There is all kinds of smells in the air and it feels crisp and refreshing. Does that sound weird? I’m weird XD

autumn, gif, and cold εικόνα | Autumn tumblr, Autumn aesthetic, Autumn  photography

Changing Leaves \\ I love trees and everything but I love watching them change colors every year. I’m blessed to live in an area where I get to experience all four seasons. Watching the leaves change makes me so happy.

beyond–vagabond: “MORE APPLE PICKING…… ” | Fruit photography, Delicious  fruit, Apple

Apple Picking \\ This is something I just discovered this year! I went apple picking for the first time in my life! I loved it. I like the feeling of eating apples that I picked off a tree myself. It was fun going around finding the perfect apples to pick. I don’t think my boyfriend was as thrilled but I loved it!

Hay Rides \\ This is a picture of my boyfriend and I in 2018 on a hay ride! I do feel bad for the horses though. I’m not sure why I like them. There is just something special about sitting on a pile of hay and riding around an apple orchard or some place else.

Corn Mazes \\ Here is another picture of my boyfriend and I on the same day from 2018 doing a corn maze. I just think these are so much fun. The one we go to we have to answer questions and if we answer wrong we end up going into a dead end. My boyfriend is 6’2 though so sometimes he can see over all the cornstalks XD

Thanksgiving food dinner GIF on GIFER - by Beatius

THANKSGIVING \\ This is all caps because I freaking LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday EVER. I love the food and the parades and the family. I love just sitting at home being sleepy off turkey.

starbucks pumpkin spice latte coffee gif psl ermahgourd •

Pumpkin Spice Lattes \\ Yes, I am that basic white girl. I love pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. I love it with almond milk, no whipped cream, and extra hot. 😀

Apple Cider Recipes to Complement Any Thanksgiving Dinner

Hot Apple Cider \\ I don’t think I need to say much about these one either. I love hot apple cider. It makes my insides feel all toasty on a cold fall day.

February 16 :: Cozy Sweaters — Rebecca Green | Rebecca green, Cozy sweaters,  Flow magazine

Cozy Sweaters \\ I love being wrapped up in big cozy sweaters.

Blanket Curl Up GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Blankets \\ Just as much as I love big cozy sweaters, I also love being wrapped up in lots and lots and lots of blankets. ❤

Halloween halloweentown letsfestejar •

Spooky Movies \\ Okay, so I don’t like scary movies but I do love HalloweenTown and Hocus Pocus ❤

Classic Chili Recipe | Taste of Home

Fall Foods \\ You can eat these foods any time but they always seem to taste best in the fall. I love chili and soups and goulash. ❤

Pumpkin Carving \\ These are the pumpkins my boyfriend and I carved last year. I love gutting pumpkins but it grosses my boyfriend out, lol! He’s 10 years older than me so I tell him carving pumpkins with me keeps him young. Plus it’s just a tradition to carve pumpkins every year. We cannot stop traditions!

Old Happy Birthday GIF by Birthday Bot - Find & Share on GIPHY

My Birthday! \\ Lastly, my birthday falls in Fall. It’s October 7th 😀 Although I get another year older, I’m grateful to celebrate every year because we never know if we’ll get another birthday. 🙂

Is fall your favorite season? What are your favorite things about Fall? Let me know down below 😀


9 thoughts on “My Favorite Things About Fall- blogtober”

  1. Fall is also my favorite season – followed by spring, summer, and winter! I love the change in the air, the colors on the trees, and the sky seems more blue as a backdrop against the leaves. It’s like we have the most beautiful time of the year to fill our hearts before the bleakness of winter sets in after Christmas. But! Spring will then be right around the corner with more color and Easter!


    1. My seasons go Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer XD I love the cool weather but not when it’s FREEZING or when I’m dying of heat stroke! lol But I agree! I love Christmas time too!


  2. Loved reading this post! Autumn is one of my fave seasons (can’t decide if Spring tops it) so this was such a nice post to read. I just love the coziness and the mix of both crisp mornings and drizzly weekends curled up with a book and a PSL. I haven’t had a PSL yet this season but I need to ASAP because they’re so good!


    1. YASSSSSS. I love all the PSL’s. I think mostly because I can’t get them any other time of the year! XD Spring is my second favorite. I love how everything “comes back to life” if you will. Thanks Emme!

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