Book Review | I Have No Secrets

But I guess sometimes there is nothing you can say. It’s just being there that’s important.

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Jemma knows who the murderer is. She knows because he told her.

He thought his secret was safe because Jemma can’t speak or move.

But Jemma observes all kinds of things about everyone around her. His secret is just one of them.

And when a new technology means she may be able to communicate and reveal all she knows, Jemma no longer feels powerless in the face of this deadly secret. It’s a race against time before the killer acts again…or tries to stop her.

Imagine someone told you they killed someone because they knew you weren’t able to talk? Imagine someone telling you they they killed someone and you were stuck with those thoughts without a way to let other people know.

I don’t know how to convey my feelings into words about this book. This was so good. Jemma, the main character, had such a fantastic voice. I absolutely loved her. I can’t comment on how well disabilities were portrayed in this story because I don’t have a physical disability but I know the author has some experience from previous jobs.

I know how this book gives a voice to a girl with cerebral palsy. I love how the book focuses on how she is just like everyone else and not something to be stared at. I felt so frustrated for Jemma. I wanted to reach in the story and tell everyone too! I felt trapped just like Jemma did and I think that’s why this book hit me so hard.

This book also focuses on family which I really appreciated. I loved Jemma’s family so much. They were so patient and precious and kind. They make my heart so happy. The ending was also very well done. This book ripped me open but in all kinds of good ways. I highly recommend it! ❤

Final Verdict:


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