My Favorite Way To Read

I cannot believe October is almost over! I have have an amazing reading month. I’ve finished 3 books this week already! I haven’t read that much in YEARS!!! This leads me into todays discussion. What is my favorite way to read?

I use to really only enjoy reading physical books. I had a kindle but I never really used it. I loved the way a real book felt in my hands. I love how I could track my progress by looking at my bookmark. It felt so satisfying. I use to despise reading e-books. It made me mad I couldn’t return them or sell them if I didn’t like the book.

But Lately? Lately I’ve reading on a variety of formats. I’ve been reading physical books. I’ve been reading on my phone. I’ve been reading on my kindle. I’ve even been listening to audiobooks. I’ve loved listening to audiobooks at night when I want to sleep and not strain my eyeballs trying to read a book. I’ve also been listening to audiobooks when I’m not in the mood to read if that makes sense. Like I want to continue with the story but I don’t want to read the words. I like being told the story. I also like listening to audiobooks in the car since I can’t read and drive, lol!

I’ve also been reading off my phone using the kindle app. I usually do this before bed as well. I have an older kindle so it doesn’t have a backlight. It kind of sucks. I’ve been debating on buying a new kindle because of this but I love mine too much. I have my phone kindle app set to a black background so it’s not so hard on my eyeballs at night time.

I tend to sit in super weird positions too so I’ve been reading on my kindle a lot. Plus it’s just nice to not have to hold a super heavy book! I also like using my kindle because it’s a bigger screen compared to my phone. I love highlighting my favorite quotes, too because it shows up on my goodreads!

Lastly, I also love reading the physical copies. I love being able to physically highlight my favorite quotes. So overall, I love reading on all kinds of formats. Sometimes I love reading the same book on several formats depending on my mood!

Do you have a favorite format to read on? Let me know! Why do you enjoy it so much? Is it because it’s easier? It’s more satisfying? Let me know down below πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Way To Read”

  1. I used to have a kindle but now I generally use my iPad. I only ever read ebooks though – I just can’t justify paying over double the price usually for a physical book when for me, it’s the same experience either way. I actually tend to find ebooks more convenient πŸ™‚


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