Book Review || The Flatshare

“It’s weird how easily you can get to know someone from the traces they leave behind when they go.”

My Thoughts

I’m not gonna lie, I was writing my review as I was reading and at first I said how disappointing and meh the book was. Leon’s chapters are written really weird. It kind of explains why in the book but it was still annoying at times. With that being said, I ended up LOVING this. As soon as I got to the middle of the book I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s always a sure winning in my book (hehe, pun intended).

Tiffy was one of my favorite characters. She’s so unique and eccentric. She is absolutely adorable. Her ex boyfriend reminds me so much of one of mine in High School and it breaks my heart. The same feelings she feels is exactly how I felt at the time. I’m not going to explain much but just know I could really relate to her.

Actually, I loved all the characters. They were all unique and perfect (okay, minus the “villain’s” in the story). This was the most perfect and beautiful story to end 2021 with. I’m so glad I FINALLY picked this book up. Have you read it? What did you think? Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Let me know! 🙂

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