So… I’m Married!

Wow, hi. It’s been a minute. I’m not great at staying up to do on my blog. I keep going through reading phases where I’m super into reading and then I’m not for 6 months. I use to read all the time. Now it sometimes feel like a chore. I do listen to the Harry Potter books on audio EVERY night though, LOL.

This year has been crazy. We remodeled (some) of our upstairs. I’m slowly starting a craft business so I’ve been busy crafting. I started a new job over the summer. We also got married 10.15.22 so this year has been nonstop wedding planning and remodeling and crafting. We also got another puppy this summer so we’ve been training her too. I just wanted to give a little life update in case anyone was wondering where I disappeared too.

This time of year always puts me in a Christmas book mood so I’m hoping to get back into reading and blogging soon!

We got our wedding sneak peeks so here are a few of my favorites 🙂

I hope you guys are doing well!

Much love,


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